For lovers of the seventh art - this museum is a must-visit and you'll leave here with a very good feeling!

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The German Film Museum

Peculiar and interesting.

The German Film Museum is one of the most peculiar that you can visit. It opened during 1983 and 1984 as part of an initiative by the city to promote cinema in the region and the country. What they achieved, however, was to create one of the most interesting exhibitions on the seventh art that you can find. Its tour focuses on three different aspects. The first part shows technical elements of cinema such as cameras, lighting, settings and costume designs. The second section of the visit is shown by testimonies and memories of film shootings by means of original clothes, photographs and all type of real and different elements which are preferentially related to the city or the country. And finally, there is a journey through time which goes through different moments in cinema through the use of projections, films and news articles. Although it focuses on German cinema, this museum shows a complete overview of this art throughout history. It's essential for film buffs.

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