Art hidden in a mansion that dates back to 1910. The mansion itself is worth visiting.

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The Giersch and Portikus Museums

Regional and contemporary art.

This museum opens its doors to contemporary art lovers. The Giersch Museum is made up of two visits in the one building. The first visit is the building itself in which the museum is based. Set on the 'Museumsufer' (museum embankment), this neoclassic-style villa appears on the banks of the Main river. It's worth coming to visit this place just to see this mansion which was built in 1910. On the other hand, there is a good variety of collections on exhibition in the museum, which feature 19th-century artists as well as other artists from later periods. Most of them are closely related to the city of Frankfurt and the region of the Main. The intention behind this museum was to make space to exhibit expressions of regional art, which is why it's a good place to understand the culture and a good way to understand the art from this area. The Museum is located at number 83 on the street named 'Schaumankai'.

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