Frankfurt is a puzzle of artistic expressions where any artistic style fits. This museum completes that puzzle.

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The Icon Museum

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As you go around the streets of Frankfurt, you'll notice that this small city has the capacity for nearly all artistic trends. Practically all historical moments and their corresponding works of art are gathered in some place in the city and the Icon Museum puts the Eastern counterpoint into this puzzle of artistic expressions. Since its opening in 1990, it has been gaining a space in the cultural attraction of the city and it's currently one of the most visited exhibition halls. This museum started with a donation by a doctor named Jörgen Schmidt-Voigt who possessed a collection of 800 pieces. All of them are of Eastern origin. The donation was made in 1988 and it has increased since then. The building which houses this museum was designed by the popular urban architect, Oswald Ungers, who also designed the German Architecture Museum.

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