A really lovely and interesting area: the museums on summer nights are a must-visit!

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The Museum Embankment

A night in the museum.

The museum embankment is called 'Museumsufer' in German. Many of the city's museums are concentrated on the banks of the Main River and this is why the city of Frankfurt decided to carefully restore the whole district during the 80's. The majority of neighbouring houses and buildings were added to the project. People started to look after and maintain the historic character of the structures of these buildings which is why most of these buildings maintain their original and historic shapes. You can therefore observe the evolution of civil architecture on the same street which is so typically German. As a result, you'll find one of the loveliest cultural areas in the city. We recommended that you visit the Icon Museum, the Museum of Applied Arts, and the German Film Museum. All these (and many others) are located here in this area. By the way, a museum night is organized each August in which all of the museum's rooms remain open. If you're in the city, it's a rare chance to visit these places!

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