This spectacular and giant building conceals an artistic collection with a long and tragic history.

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The Städel Art Museum

Cruel history.

This gigantic museum which is located on the banks of the Main River is home to some cruel history which is stored inside this building. A large part of the collection that this spectacular building contains was declared as degenerate art during the Thirties. This was the period of the national socialists when public exhibition of this art was prohibited. In addition, the arrival of the Second World War meant that many works of art had to be hidden so that they wouldn't suffer any damage, or they were robbed in the frequent pillaging that occurred in the city. It was thanks to these precautions that the art survived because the building was actually seriously damaged due to the bombing and was in need of reconstruction. The museum opened again during the 60's with works by Beckmann and Cranach. Works by Rembrandt, Boticcelli and Rubens were subsequently added to these collections and the Sculptors of more recent creations such as Picasso and Rodin appeared later.

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