Both beers and wines make excellent souvenirs from Frankfurt.

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Traditional Beverages for Taking Home

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One of the most representative souvenirs than you can bring back from Frankfurt is its beverages. To make the most of being in a country which has a big tradition in this sector, you can take advantage of the occasion with a selection of beverages from the area. First of all, Frankfurt and the rest of Germany stand out for their brewing tradition. This tradition goes back to the Middle Ages. Since then, they've been perfecting their recipes. The representative brands of the area are 'Becks', 'Veltins', 'Warsteine', 'Königpilsener' and 'Paulaner' (the latter is perhaps the most international brand). We also recommend that you don't leave without investigating their list of wines. Although it's surprising that this country isn't famous for its wine, considering that its tradition also has many centuries of history. If you are fond of enology, don't leave without tasting wines such as 'Saar', 'Trollinger', 'Neckar' and 'Mosela'.

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