Smoked and cured ham, mashed potatoes, kraut, mustard, 'Grie Sob' sauce… You won't know which dish to start with!

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Traditional dishes

Appetizing German treasures.

As in the rest of Germany, the gastronomy in Frankfurt is one of the great treasures to be discovered on your visit. Next, we'll present a few traditional dishes of the area that you really must taste. They're essentially meat based but they are prepared in a different way. First of all, you must try a plate called 'Frankfurter Würstchen', which is a delicious meat based dish of smoked ham. Another very similar dish is the 'Frankfurter Rippchen'. This dish is made up of cured ham presented with mashed potatoes, mustard and kraut. To accompany these, you can try the 'Grie Sob' sauce with all dishes, which is a typical green sauce from the city that's prepared with more than 8 different spices. These are some of the different flavours for you. If you're wondering where to try all these dishes, you have a definite answer: visit the district of 'Sachsenhausen'.

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