This restaurant is highly recommended for both lunch and dinner, and it's located in the heart of the 'Sachsenhausen' district.

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Wagner Restaurant

Traditional food and an unbeatable atmosphere.

If you happen to be in the district of 'Sachsenhausen' with the intention of going to lunch or dinner, the choice is endless in the Wagner. It's true that any tavern or bar is highly recommended in this district, but we'll give you an option if you're not sure know where to begin. The Wagner restaurant is located on the street named 'Schweizer'. This is one of the most popular restaurants in the area and it's the perfect place to eat. Now, you must be aware that they are experts in traditional food. Local recipes and regional cuisine are their specialities and it's also worth coming to eat here for its atmosphere. During the day, the restaurant is full of locals and workers who come to relax and have a beer or to eat some lunch, in order to continue with their day. Later on, it becomes the district's epicentre of leisure at night. There are many people who don't even order any food, they only come to have the first beers of the night. By the way, remember that one of the laws in the city makes 'Apfelwein' (a typical apple wine from the area) the cheapest drink in the district.

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