Ancestral confrontation on the seashore. Totally recommended.

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Canarian Wrestling

Islander's sporting excellence.

It is undoubtedly the most respected and characteristic sport of the area that has been practiced for centuries throughout the seven islands. And yes, it's true: it was the way to elucidate conflicts with neighbours or land, where the opposing representatives of each party used to meet in the so-called 'terreros' (or sand circle) that were always made of sand. Nevertheless, we're talking about a clean fight with numerous rules involved so that they make a sport and a show that's worth watching. Proof of this is that both opponents shake hands at the start to show the tradition and nobleness that it is characterized by. The teams are made up of 12 fighters, and the confrontations are in pairs with the winning group having the least participants knocked over. Many of these fights are held on the beaches, which makes them a real show at the seashore. You can't miss it!

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