Inagua Natural Integral Reserve

Many of the endemic species of flora and fauna rest here.

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Inagua Natural Integral Reserve

A long list of natural treasures.

The mountains of Inagua, Ojeda, and Pajonales at one side, and the Mulato and Mogán ravines to the other, mark out the area of this beautiful spot where Canarian nature reaches its maximum splendour. The Reserva Natural de Inagua is the home and refuge to many of the most characteristic species of fauna and flora, and the indigenous pride of the Canary Islands: for example, its mountains are inhabited by Canarian pine trees, which are endemic of the region, and these trees give balance the island's surface and allow to maintain one of the natural water springs which waters the island. Other typical endemic families from this reserve are Gildama and Helianthemum. You'll also find other species of animals here such as the woodpecker or the blue chaffinch, which is a protected bird in danger of extinction, and very special from the Canary Islands. You'll find this natural wonder in the southeast of the island, which is a real gift for your senses.

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