Green, red, made with carrots, from Las Palmas, Which would you choose from these?

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Mojo picón sauce

Tasty Canarian seasoning.

There's no question that "mojo picón" (spicy sauce) is the most well-known Canarian recipe on a national and international level, and it's quite an emblem of the islands. And with good reason: it's a real gift for your taste buds. We're talking about a sauce that comes in a variety of ways, which varies in colour and taste, according to the ingredients. All share a spicy taste. For example,"mojo picón verde" (green spicy sauce) is made with garlic, oil, vinegar and coriander which give it that particular colour, while "mojo rojo" (red mojo) has a more intense taste including paprika, garlic, cumin, vinegar, olive oil, and peppers from the island, which are very typical dry red peppers from the area. There are also other varieties that are not so well-known but that doesn't mean to say that they are less tasty: there's "mojo de zanahoria" (carrot sauce) which is a little more milder, and "mojo plamero" (Las Palmas sauce), which is really spicy. Enjoy this excellent Canarian sauce in some of the restaurants with their traditional "papas arrugadas" (crinkled potatoes) and you'll be licking your fingers!

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