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Play with the Dolphins

A real animal show.

When the Commerson's dolphins are spotted on the sea surface, it's time to head towards them: it's that name which defines the dolphins' fins, and it's also the sign which indicates that the ceremony is about to start. This is one of Gran Canaria's most impressive natural shows, and an experience that you have to enjoy at least once in a lifetime. The boardings depart from Puerto de Rico every day and on several occasions in a day during which they will take you up close to see the dances, jumps and applauses of these friendly sea mammals, and a swaying of movements that will accompany you during the whole journey. They are dances that seem to be as if they were rehearsed, and it's like that in some way. The young dolphins imitate their mothers by trying to do the same pirouettes, and although they often fail, they are even more attractive to watch than the older dolphins. And believe it: you'll end up loving them. A perfect plan for the whole family to enjoy.

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