Christopher Columbus himself came to pray in this historic Catholic church.

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San Antonio Abad Chapel

The first Christian church on the island.

Vegueta is perhaps the most famous district in the city, which is always proud of keeping the island's origins; an island that was raised as the epicentre for the activity of pre-Hispanic civilizations before being conquered by the Spanish crown. Its orography provided some extraordinary conditions for founding settlements for both the cultivation of agriculture and livestock and for its own defence, which is why it was also the centre of the first Spanish settlements. This origin is especially marked by the chapel of San Antonio Abad, which is one of the first churches that the Castilian crown erected on the island. Its primitive building was constructed around 1478. This church was dedicated to Saint Anne and despite its small size, it became one of the most important churches on the island since then; so much, that the sign hung in its entrance announces that the very same Christopher Columbus used to come here to pray.

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