San Cristobal Castle

As the castle used to defend the city in the past, nowadays it keeps the memories of other periods.

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San Cristobal Castle

The great cylindrical guard.

We are talking about one of the great symbols of Gran Canaria, a cylindrical building that rises over the Atlantic and existing in anticipation of the tides that allow its access. Located on the shores of the island's north coast, Castillo de San Cristóbal was built in 1577 with the firm intention of defending the city, which was a mission it fulfilled for the first time in 1595 during a battle in which it was left practically destroyed as a consequence of the bombardments and invading attacks. But this didn't matter as it was rebuilt in 1638 and continued to form part of the defence of Las Palmas until well into the 19th century. From then, this castle which is also known as Torreón de San Pedro Mártir was responsible for keeping the memories of the old city alive and show that the history of the Canary Island was based on the quantity of some invasions which came from all parts of the world.

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