There are options for all ages and tastes, including the youngest members of the family.

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Sea Excursions

Experience the Atlantic at your pace.

One of the island's biggest attractions is the beautiful sea surrounding it, which is perhaps its best distinctive feature. The best way to become acquainted with the treasures of the sea is by embarking on one of the multiple excursions scheduled from any point of Gran Canaria; from Pasito Blanco, Puerto Rico or from Anfí del Mar there are options for all ages: those who will enjoy themselves here range from visitors who want to go out, relax, and watch the romantic sunset over the island, to those fearless adventurers who prefer to rent a jet-ski, and plough through the sea at their own pace. All routes have the common characteristic of being the home to some fantastic seascapes, offering an unforgettable experience. In addition, if you're travelling with children, there are various cruises around the island in which the crew get dressed up as pirates and give the children an unforgettable time. They will always remember the pirate flag being raised up the mast.

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