A real distinguishing mark, which is a characteristic sound from the island.

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The Timple

Long live folklore!

This musical instrument is one of the most traditional folkloric elements of the region, which is used extensively and especially in the eastern islands, among which Gran Canaria is located. The timple is a small instrument (no larger than 40 cm), which is generally made up of five strings, and it's very characteristic due to its incisive and high-pitched sound. It usually forms part of the brass bands that liven up the parties of each village and city throughout the island, especially during summer. This is one of its distinguishing marks and they are still being manufactured in the traditional way by luthiers who are experts in shaping the wood, so that they result in sounding ethereal. If you'd like to see a timple up close, or even acquire one if you are a music-lover, it's easy to find them among the street markets in towns such as Tejeda or Telde.

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