Valleseco Ethnographic Museum and Research Centre

A complete tour around the deepest rooted traditions in Gran Canaria.

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Valleseco Ethnographic Museum and Research Centre

Flying towards the interior.

The other side of the coin in Gran Canaria is located between the valleys of Barranco de la Virgen and the Barranco de la Madrelagua, beyond the small coastal villages: wild, desert-like, and volcanic areas of nature that are characterized by their striking landscapes. The inland towns have known how to survive a hard and dry climate in a different way to the rest, and the MECIV museum is responsible for showing and preserving their most deep-rooted traditions. The museum is made up of various permanent exhibitions in which they display traditionally used elements for making wool, the creation of potters' objects, and an extensive section for craftwork. But what will certainly attract your attention the most is the explanation regarding the origin and the elaboration of gofio, which is a gastronomical product par excellence in the Canary Islands.

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