Valleseco Organic Market - Ecovalles

A reference point for buying ecological products on the island.

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Valleseco Organic Market - Ecovalles

Mens sana in corpore sano.

New initiatives are emerging little by little, which are destined to enhance the gastronomical value of the islands. We can locate the most recent of these in the town of Valleseco, in the very centre of Gran Canaria where there is an ecological market with a purpose of introducing products which are produced in a traditional, biological, and healthy way, paying particular attention to the local kind. Since 2013, this place has turned into the best place for finding the island's essence and with guaranteed quality. You'll have the opportunity here to buy fruit, vegetables, leafy vegetables, oil, marmalade and meat from ecological stockbreeders, among many other options. It's organized every week from Friday afternoon to Sunday afternoon, and in addition to the stalls, there is also a café where you can try the popular cuisine in situ.

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