Parks and Gardens for Families

Take a break from sightseeing by enjoying the great outdoors, Granada-style

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Parks and Gardens for Families

Two of the many leafy outdoor options in Granada

Granada might as well be called Green-ada, there are so many parks where kids of all ages can enjoy the great outdoors without leaving the city or spending a cent. A good example is the expansive, well-tended Parque García Lorca, known for its large rose gardens; for the youngsters it also has fountains, slides, and swings, and for their parents pubs and outdoor cafés; it's open daily 8am to 1am. Another worth recommending is Parque de Fuentenueva, next to the University of Granada's sciences faculty, with multitudes of leafy trees (great shade!), lawns, skating areas, and university recreational facilities, which can also be used by kids.

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