Lisbon locals will never take coffee in haste: the pleasure of taking coffee demands its ritual.

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A Brasileira

Coffee, an institution.

People in Rome and Lisbon share a common ceremony: that of coffee. The attentive traveller may notice that there are hardly any foreign coffee chains. This is because our neighbours claim to enjoy one of the best coffees in the world thanks to its colonial ties with South America. Thus, take your time and relax as you sit in a café. Rest a few minutes, take in its scent and you will surely understand why this devotion to coffee. Lisbon certainly boast many famous cafés but none has the pedigree of A Brasileira (Rua Garrett, 120), where Pessoa was a regular. Today, its extremely popular statue bears witness to that time. Famous for its literary gatherings, this beautiful venue founded in 1910 has a splendid Art Deco facade and terrace in the very heart of Chiado, from which one observes the bustling city life. Its interior, largely decorated with its original ornamentation, will transport you to the days in which intellectuals chatted away while drinking their beloved coffee.

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