Welcome to the top nightlife neighbourhood in Lisbon: nostalgic longing is out and "good vibes" are guaranteed.

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Barrio Alto (High District)

Kiss Saudade goodbye! (nostalgic longing)

As a city, Lisbon is famous for Saudade, the Portuguese national sentiment, a mixture of melancholy and nostalgia for better times. However, there is a place in the city where this longing all but gives way to night pleasures and entertainment: Barrio Alto. During daytime, this maze of narrow streets draws barely any attention. However, as the day progresses, the neighbourhood comes to life and its fashionable shopping (vintage clothing abounds, tattoo places, etc.) venues open for foreigners to reveal Lisbon's neatly underground side. At night, the district becomes seriously busy and exciting led by the bar-hopping youth. While joints come in all styles and cater to all travellers, there is no doubt that Rua da Barroca and Rua de Norte hold their claim to fame. There, the night stretches endlessly between mojito and caipirinha, yet another propitious witness to Portugal's special relationship with its former colony Brazil.

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