¿Cómo quieres el bacalao? (How do you fancy your cod?)

Its recipes are as varied as the restaurants where you can treat yourself to this perfect example of Lisbon's cuisine.

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¿Cómo quieres el bacalao? (How do you fancy your cod?)

The national fish.

No doubt cod fish is Lisbon's national dish and has as many recipes as days in the year. Perhaps the most popular are the Bacalhau à Brás (served in an olive scramble with potato straw and decorated with parsley and black olives) or Bacalhau com natas (baked and with cream). The city is full of places that boast the best cod cooking of the city and nearly all at popular prices. Some of the best options are the classic Espaço Lisboa (Rua da Cozinha Económica, 16-28), located in an old factory from the 50s and converted into a fine dining restaurant; Casa da comida (Travessa das Amoreiras, 1), one of the most traditional restaurants in Lisbon thanks to its traditional cuisine and the beautiful Clara Jardim Restaurant (Campo Martires da Patria, 49), located among wonderful gardens on the outskirts of the city.

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