Seeking peace and harmony? Check out Carcavelos or Santo Amaro, just half an hour from downtown!

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Costa Caparica (Caparicia Coast)

A dip in the beach.

Technically speaking, Lisbon is not a beach town as Barcelona. In fine weather (average temperature in the city is 17 degrees), however, many people take a quick, refreshing dip in the Atlantic as if it were their own urban beach. Furthermore, south of the Tagus begins the Costa Caparica, about 30 miles of stunning beaches that, unfortunately, prove harder to reach than those up north. If you are not driving, we recommend boarding a train at Cais de Sodre to Cascais. Its route is lined with popular beaches (less than half hour from downtown) to which mainly families but also flirting couples or sun tanning athletes flock. Among those beaches on your way, we would recommend Carcavelos or Santo Amaro, perhaps one of the quietest given its small size.

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