Attractive, neo-Gothic style elevator built in wrought iron: Users beware! it's 45 meters high are not suitable for anyone!

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Elevador de Santa Justa (St. Justa Elevator)

Ultra stylish elevator.

Also called Elevador do Carmo (Carmo Elevator), it is arguably the world's most elegant elevator. Neo-Gothic's crowning glory, it is the work of engineer Raul Mesnier, one of the outstanding disciples of Gustav Eiffel (in fact, many attribute the work directly to the latter though his relationship is unproven). This wrought iron jewel communicates the districts of Baixa Pombalina (downtown Lisbon) with the top of the Chiado where you find the ruins of Convento do Carmo. Opened on 10 July 1902, it was for many years one of the few public Lisbon vertical elevators, since the remaining elevators are rather funiculars. With its 45 meters high, it offers a privileged panoramic views of the city with St. George Caste in the background and the Baixa overflowing into the Atlantic (caution: despite its appeal, it is not suitable for those suffering from vertigo).

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