Filmoteca de Lisboa (Lisbon's film library)

Visit Lisbon's film library and delve into the rich yet poorly known Portuguese cinema.

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Filmoteca de Lisboa (Lisbon's film library)

Portuguese filmography is here to stay!

Despite being our neighbours, we hardly know Portuguese filmography outside of names like actress Maria de Medeiros, who even worked for directors such as Quentin Tarantino, or the centenary filmmaker Maonel de Oliveira, a common reference in international competitions. Thus, visiting Lisbon's film library can be most instructive ... and fun. This beautiful building located on Rua Barato Slagueiro 39, near the elegant Liberdade, is a must for all cinema buffs. Once across the wrought iron gate, you can access the various movie theatres (in the summer, there is terrace for open-air cinema) or take a drink in its modern cafe decorated with posters of Portuguese - and some Spanish - filmography. Movie showtimes are available here

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