White massive facade featuring two unpretentious towers hiding a luxurious blue and white tiled interior.

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Iglesia de San Vicente de Fora (St. Vincent of Fora Church)

Family vault.

Crowning the Alfama district, specifically along Sao Vicente, stands this huge and regal white mass, which would roughly equate Portugal's Escorial, as this convent served as a pantheon for the Braganza dynasty. If Roman churches come to mind as you contemplate its classicist facade, it is simply because its architect was the Italian Filippo Terci, who completed the work in 1627. Its balanced façade, symmetrically arranged with two towers on either side, tells nothing of the luxury hidden inside and the Baroque baldachin of Machado de Castro. One of the main reasons to visit this temple is its eighteenth-century blue and white tiles, an artistic marvel depicting bucolic rural images surrounded by cherubs and scenes drawn from the fables of La Fontaine. Beyond its inner beauty, do not forget to climb to the tower and admire the views of the city below.

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