It first appears like a medieval fortress but its rosette and ribbed vaulting tell otherwise. Perfect at sunset!

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Lisbon Cathedral

Lisbon's symbol

Even if the Sé is one of the city icons, inattentive travellers may confuse it with a tower of St. George Castle. This is understandable as it has more the appearance of a medieval fortress than that of a proud cathedral overlooking the sea. Interestingly enough, a mosque stood there until Christians took back the city in 1150. Despite its massive appearance, its tower accommodates a magnificent rose window that illuminates the main nave and riveted vault. Therefore, it is appropriate to visit this monument at sunset, when the light is warmer and more inviting to peace and meditation. Furthermore, the tourist hustle and bustle has typically subsided at that time, allowing optimal appreciation of one of the oldest buildings in the city. Do not skip the cloister where you can admire millenary archaeological remains or its treasure with religious gemstones (of inestimable value; the entry fee, however, is 2.50 Euro).

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