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Luvaria Ulisses

Save your hands.

Inaugurated in 1928 by Rodrigues Simoes, Luvaria Ulisses is one of the most famous shops in Lisbon and probably the only one in Portugal specializing in gloves. As it opened its doors in the rickety Muralha do Carmo, Chiado district was not yet the popular and elegant shopping area it was poised to become. Thus, Mr Simoes can be rightly considered a pioneer. Amazingly enough, the store's interior and its delicate Art Deco facade featuring the famous golden hand have remained the same ever since. In fact, it seems as if time stood still for it: its products are still completely handmade and the way in which the shop assistant helps customers try out the gloves - with talcum powder - is reminiscent of a long gone era. Now, who needs time travel with places like this?

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