An old cod drying facility in the 40s turned museum to "live and breath Asia"

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Museo de Oriente (Fart East Museam)

The result of a historic relationship.

The historical relations or Portugal with its Asian colonies help the country take pride in its collections of Oriental art. In 2008, it showcased the entire artistic legacy of its colonialism with this museum located in a very special place: a cod drying facility remodelled in the 1940s. Architects Joao Luis Carrilho and Rui Francisco authored this beautiful museum whose main assets include Asian masterpieces. It also features an auditorium where plays are represented, as well as spaces for research, seminars and conferences. Among its pieces, we may highlight the famous Ming porcelain, Chinese screens, Vietnamese mediums outfits ... and thus up to 13,000 Asian folk art pieces. You will no doubt live and breathe Asia as you exit the place. Located in the Doca de Alcantara, you can check its exhibition on

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