Museo Nacional de Arqueología (National Mueseum of Archaeology)

Visit this museum and discover the Jeronimos Monastery. Double the pleasure!

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Museo Nacional de Arqueología (National Mueseum of Archaeology)

Two for one.

You cannot leave Lisbon without visiting the Jeronimos Monastery, a masterpiece of Manueline style which reflects all the splendour of the Age of Discoveries. As you arrive, we recommend you spend at least one hour at this historic collection in the same building - just killing two birds with one stone. Located in the west wing of the monastery, it showcases Mesolithic stones, Egyptian mummies, jewellery forged by the Visigoths and a great collection of funerary art including statues, masks, graves, talimanes, mummies, hieroglyphics ... even mummified crocodiles! If you're not into the funerary, you can have a look at the Roman deities or their temporary exhibitions. Plan your visit in detail at

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