Lisbon boasts one of the world's best tile-making traditions and this museum bears witness thereof.

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Museo Nacional do azulejo (Tile National Museum)

Unrivalled worldwide.

Attention: this is the only museum of its kind in the world. This fact, which some might consider surprising, arises from Lisbon's unrivalled tile tradition. If, in its century of splendour, Portugal lacked great painters leaving wonderful canvas behind, it more than made up for it with master craftsmen who left stunning tile-work as their legacy. Housed in a beautiful XVI century monastery (rua Madre Deus, 4), this museum covers the entire tile spectrum beyond domestic production ranging from Arab geometries to popular - these unmistakably Portuguese - genre scenes. Take your time to admire the Manueline cloister with its tiled domes, its magnificent baroque chapel covered in gold, or stop by its restaurant, very appropriately decorated with tiles depicting dishes. To plan your visit, you will find all information on

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