The second largest aquarium in Europe lies in a modern building, an icon for the most renovated and international Lisbon.

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Oceanario (Aquarium)

Immerse yourself in the Oceanarium.

The Universal Exhibition of 98 meant an all-encompassing revolution for the city. Indeed, beyond renovating its international image, it left behind modern buildings like this aquarium, the second largest in Europe - only L'Oceanografic of Valencia holds a candle to it. Walk the gateway to reach the floating pavilion where a stunning habitat of over 15,000 creatures of more than 450 different species awaits you. If the movie Jaws still haunts you today, you might want to stay away from the tanks where these fearsome predators swim, one of the most visited by the public, where sharks, rays and tropical fish coexist. All oceans and marine species are represented in this modern building. Family rates available. To see activities and prices, visit the web

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