Genuine francesihnas at knockdown prices. Place off-the-beaten-track that maintains its true essence and prices!

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Oh Caldas!


There are secret places one would like to keep as such to preserve their magic. Generosity, however, leads us to recommend Oh Caldas! (Rua de Sao Mamede, S / n), a venue barely touched by tourist crowds. The clientele of this restaurant, oddly - given Portuguese early bird habits- open until late at night, consists of students, police and neighbourhood residents, i.e. people you trust. Its specialties include typically Portuguese dishes like Francesinhas de Porto, meat with cream or Bacalhau à Brás, served without much frills but in generous, tasty portions. A feast for foodies that will stare in utter disbelief - and satisfaction - at the extremely low bill. In addition to their regular menu, they usually have daily specials. Do not be shy, talk to the cook and let her advice you. Your palate and your wallet will thank you.

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