Its pink marble dome and golden scrolls are truly fascinating. After centuries in the making, the end result left nothing to be desired!

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Panteón Nacional (National Pantheon)

Stunning Baroque masterpiece

Its enormous dome is one of the most recognisable is the city, which seems befitting to a place sumptuous enough to bury the heroes of the Portuguese nation. Situated opposite the Church of San Vicente De Fora, right in the middle of Santa Clara field, the building is a baroque wonder whose construction began in 1682 and ended in 1966. Therefore, the church of Santa Engracia, its real name, served in Portugal as a measure of things that never end. Fortunately, the wait was worth it and now visitors can marvel at its magnificent dome decorated with pink marble and gilt scrolls. Among its famous graves, we find fado singer Amalia Rodrigues (nearly always covered with flowers) and those of the writers Aquilino Ribeiro, Joao de Deus and Almeida Garrett, as well as those of several presidents of the republic.

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