You will leave this Brazilian ambience place dancing samba. Their deli: meat platter and tropical fruit platters.

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Brazilian influence.

The picanha is one of the most popular Brazilian and - given the cultural ties held for years - Portuguese dishes. It is a mixture of several kinds of meat cuts, rather on the tender side, cooked on a grill and served with sides of potatoes, salad, rice, or beans. A power-supplement specialty for the weary traveller. Perhaps the best place to taste this specialty is restaurant Picanha (Rua Janelas Verdes, 96). In addition to its meat offering, Picanha serves other tropical fruit platters to transport you to the other side of the Atlantic, listening to samba instead of fado. Its closeness to major tourist sites such as the Museu Nacional de Arte Antiga makes it an extremely busy venue all-year round. Take our advice: go for a pleasant walk with the Atlantic breeze in your face after the meat feast.

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