San Francisco-style trams enliven the fearsome slopes of the city. Get on and live out your adventure.

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Tranvía 28 (Tram 28)

A spin on Tram 28.

Hold on tight...curves ahead! Lisbon and San Francisco have a lot in common: the 25th of April bridge - also known as Lisbon's Golden Gate -, their trams and the hills all around the city which make a little push necessary for locals. Of all trams running through the city, number 28 is certainly the most charismatic and iconic. Why so? Simple enough. It travels from one hill to another hitting on all major touring attractions such as the Cathedral, Baixa district, or Basilica da Estrela. This charming vehicle, largely unchanged in 50 years, turns up the excitement as it reaches its end in Graça. There, it navigates narrow streets almost defying the laws of physics. Its price is 1.50 Euro and although usually crowded with tourists who get off at Santa Luzia viewpoint for the customary shot, we recommend staying on the whole trip as in a roller coaster with beautiful views. A memorable, one-of-a-kind experience.

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