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Hidden between mountains.

Just 14 kilometres (8½ miles) from Marseille and with frequent train service, Allauch is an attractive place to go to learn about the traditions and customs of Provence. It's a picturesque town hidden between a pair of high hills in the Garlaban Massif, written about by the famous novelist and filmmaker Marcel Pagnol, who spent his childhood there. Among Allauch's touristic draws is the Esplanade of the Mills, with five 18th-century windmills which had to be moved when the Church of St. Sebastian was built and took away their wind (true story). Anyway... there at least a half-dozen other interesting spots to see locally, including the ruins of the chateau of Ners, and the religious art museum. In town, check out shops selling figurines and artisanal nougat typical of the region.

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