Another classic Provence charmer, perhaps best known for the time spent there by the painter Vincent van Gogh.

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Truly a place to fall in love with.

Legendary painter Vincent van Gogh was captivated by the beauty of Arles and its surrounding countryside in 1888-89, and it is just as enchanting more than 130 years later. An hour by train from Marseille, the city is also notable for ancient Roman sites such as the baths of Constantine, the necropolis next to the walls of the old city, and the amphitheatre (in which, by the way, today "bullfights" à la française are held in which the bulls are not slain but rather consist of young men trying to snatch rosettes from between the beasts' horns). Because of this ancient heritage, as well as its Romanesque sites of the early Middle Ages, Arles has long held UNESCO World Heritage status.

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