Ceramics Creation Workshop

A modern, ethnic twist on a traditional Provençal craft.

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Ceramics Creation Workshop

The high-quality work of a young ceramic artist.

One of the characteristics of traditional Provençal artesanry is its earthenware and tilework. Ground zero for this clay work is the village of Saint Quentin La Poterie, where potters have been at work since at least the 17th century and have been the region's economic engine ever since. But even if you can't make it out to St. Quentin, you can get a contemporary taste of this noble craft at the small Rue du Petit Puits studio of young Serge Moutarlier. A graduate of the Ceramics School of Provence at Aubagne, he produces a variety of items including figurines, crockery, candelabras, ashtrays, even magnets, in motifs drawing from the Mediterranean and from his Berber family background, all decorated exotically and with exquisite attention to detail.

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