A look back into the life, times, and customs of a noble 19th-century family.

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Grobet-Labadie Museum

The fancy lifestyles of the bourgeoisie of the past.

Were you ever curious as to how and what the well-to-do did back in the 19th century, what kind of canopy beds they slumbered in, where they organised their soirées, what kinds of paintings and tapestries covered their walls? All that and more can be found inside this manse of the Grobet-Labadie family, alongside the Palais Longchamp, donated by the family to the city. Twice a widow, Marie Labadie inherited a vast fortune, which she used in part to amass a collection of art and furnishings from all over Europe. So the three floors here are stuffed with all manner of exquisite handiwork, furniture, exotic musical instruments, and curious objects such as an 18th-century magic lantern.

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