An interesting statue by the sea, worth seeking out.

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Le Bateau Ivre

The work of scultpor Jean Amado.

Should your local perambulations take you to the Prado Beach, you'll find acres of parkland, sports fields, and playgrounds which make for lovely family outings. And here, too, you'll find one of the works of the French sculptor Jean Amado, who lived and worked in Marseilles during the 1950s. Le Bâteau Ivre ("The Drunken Boat") is an homage to the tormented poet Arthur Rimbaud and his poem of the same name. Amado's sculpture appears to spring from the earth, with bas reliefs and layers evoking his potter's background. The final product is a monument which can by turns resemble a ship or some kind of mini mountain range, with vertical peaks rising above the sea.

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