Discovering the old and new secrets of an inner city whose history stretches back to ancient Greece.

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Le Panier

Marseille's old quarter, a delicious labyrinth.

Just north of the Vieux Port, Marseille's old quarter, Le Panier, is an ancient warren of streets that still harbours a vestige of an ancient agora from the Greeks who first settled Massalia, along with narrow lanes, stairways, churches, townhouses, shops, much of it with a charmingly weathered air. Parts have been gentrified, and there are boutiques, galleries, and artisans shops selling souvenirs; if you're an oenophile, we'd recommend the Microcosmos Chai Urbain, where the competent staff can advise you on the best local wines - a bottle or a case - exquisitely packed. Call ahead and you can reserve a visit to its cellars for a tasting; here they are always happy to share their passion for viniculture with visitors.

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