In addition to its exquisite cuisine, this restaurant will wow you with its views, making an evening here a memory of a lifetime.

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An unforgettable dining experience.

Marseille's iconic restaurant for sunsets and special occasions is L'Epuisette, which is literally suspended above the sea in the port of Vallos des Auffes. The view; the décor; the presentation of the dishes, as if they were works of art; and above all the exquisite cuisine are guaranteed to make this one of your life's unforgettable dining experiences. We suggest allowing your waiters and sommellier to guide you, as they know the ins and outs of the seasonal menu (though of course one constant is its classic local bouillabaisse fish stew, which by the time you leave Marseille you'll end up either loving or hating!). Special mention goes to the desserts here, which leave the finickiest gourmets absolutely gobsmacked, always surprising the taste buds with their unusual flavours, textures, and other properties that explode or otherwise behave in your mouth in ways you'd never have imagined desserts could.

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