A bit of early-morning colour right at harbour's edge, as fishermen just in from the morning's catch hawk their wares.

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Quai des Belges Market

A fish market where if the merchandise were any fresher it would be swimming.

Unless you're renting a flat, you wouldn't be able to avail yourself of the fresh fish that arrives early in the morning at the Quai des Belges market, but if you're an early riser, this is certainly a sight to behold (and photograph). It actually feels a bit like a time warp, because the boisterous Marseille fishermen perform the same ritual their fathers and grandfathers did - pulling their boats up, hauling out the gleaming wet fish, and shouting their offers right in the middle of the Port Vieux. The buyers are of course local householders as well as chefs and kitchen managers from all over town - chances are that if you order fish out tonight, you saw it hauled out of a boat here on Quai des Belges this morning.

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