The remains of a mountain fortress to learn about the violent history of this region.

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The Citadel of Les Baux

Return to the Middle Ages.

More than 80 kilometres (48 miles) from Marseille), the 11th-century citadel of Les Baux rises imposingly at the summit of the Chaîne des Alpilles mountains, protected by the forests and the limestone rocks which over the centuries spawned bauxite mines. It represented the true old Provence, the Provence ruled by aristocrats remembered today by their castles and mansions, crenellated walls and defensive towers. Les Baux endured plenty of wars during its centuries of existence, and for that reason there's not all that much left to visit today beyond the ruins of its medieval splendour. But there is a chapel excavated in the rock, replicas of wooden siege engines, a couple of defensive towers, and a museum. The site remains evocative.

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