Fill yourself with adrenaline as you discover another perspective of Medellín.

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Helicopter Tours

A birdseye view!

Are you ready to become the envy of your group of friends? Do you want to be filled with adrenaline while you discover Medellín from a really original point of view? Then welcome: a helicopter tour will be the best option. Thanks to this special tour, you'll have the opportunity to discover the city and Aburrá Valley from a birdseye view, as you're able to distinguish each one of the places of interest from up in the sky, which is why we recommend you to do the tour on your final day in Medellín when you're already familiar with the city. Companies like Fly Colombia organise outings each day in flights with a capacity of up to six and eight people, and with different routes according to your needs. The pilot is also a special guide who will tell you about interesting details during the flight. Gather your courage to soar the sky, prepare your camera to take some photos and... enjoy this unforgettable experience!

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