A French castle in Medellín? Yes, and with magnificent exhibitions of antiques.

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Museo El castillo

Originality comes first

Curious, at least. The Museo El Castillo (Castle Museum) stands out for its Gothic-style exterior architecture that follows the model of French fortresses, as well as for the diversity of exhibitions that it houses. It will be a kind of journey back in time which will allow you to enter into the heart of a castle that was inhabited until some time ago. Inaugurated as a museum in 1971, the museum has nine rooms in which you can see beautiful exhibitions of such different items such as paintings, sculptural works, and porcelain or glass objects, among others. It also schedules all kinds of temporary exhibitions, which makes a curious visit that will delight antique lovers. Part of the its charm lies in the beautiful gardens that surround the building which include fountains and plenty of vegetation, making them ideal to enjoy nature and to see some good views of Medellín from this hill.

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