Spices and intriguing herbs that will make your lunch a different experience.

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Restaurante El Herbario

Exclusive seasoning

No, its name hasn't appeared by chance: at El Herbario it's the herbs and spices that play an important role in the culinary experience, by giving dishes the most original touch. The seasoning in this restaurant is exclusive in the Paisa capital, really intriguing, and representative of the gastronomical philosophy that the great chef, Rodrigo Isaza, has taken responsibility for flying the flag; the smoked salt, arazá, coriander, tamarindo, and truffles, among other appealing ingredients make up the core of carefully cooked dishes, and presented in quite an adventurous and open way, which makes a completely innovative concept. The restaurant is made up of a spacious lounge/dining room, a VIP room, and a bar service on the upper floor with sofas and low tables which are perfect for relaxing. This establishment also has a small shop in which you can find different tinned foods and the herbs which are mostly used by local chefs.

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