Nearly a thousand animals that will delight the little ones in the family.

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Santa Fe Zoological Park

Ideal for the whole family

What better way is there to combine educational and didactic plans than spending a day in contact with animals surrounded by nature? The Santa Fe Zoological Park is home to more than two hundred species which is the largest quantity of species in the city, and nearly a thousand examples that will delight the little ones in the family. This is why this visit is an ideal option if you're travelling in company with your family. With an area of four hectares, it was inaugurated in 1960 to bring citizens closer to the magnificence of the animal world, developing different habitats in which reptiles live such as alligators and anacondas, and such exotic mammals like the black jaguar and the Bengal tiger, amphibians, butterflies, and a large quantity of birds. The majority of these specimens come from the American continent, but there are also others which came from Asia and Africa. You'll have a great time!

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