Ten culinary lines will show you the city's different specialities.

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The Medellín Sí Sabe Route

Colourful food

Lovers of traditional cuisine are in luck, as tasting the most typical dishes from Medellín is only a matter of taking a map and following a line of colours. It's as easy as that. The Medellín Sí Sabe route is an extraordinary food guide for taking you round a tasty tour during which you'll visit traditional restaurants located in the city, and give yourself the opportunity to taste numerous specialities without having to lose time by deciding where to go. This initiative has been up and running since 2012, and it's divided into ten sections, according to the speciality of each establishment; the red line represents meat dishes; the blue one is for fish and seafood, and the golden one specialises in deserts, and it goes on like this for ten different colours. The route was designed with the intention of promoting local trade and the culinary traditions of the area, and it's enjoying unprecedented success.

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